How can I Get Involved

Volunteers, Partners and Sponsors


Who can be a Volunteer?

  • Do you have image analysis expertise?
  • Do you have expertise in advance analytic tools development?


Do you want to be part of this great impact?

  • Do you or your company want to run a health-related challenge with unique question and Data set?
  • Have similar interest with our goal and objective?
  • Sponsor an ongoing project
  • Partner to develop a project?

Sponsor current Project

Do you want to be part of this great impact?

  • Our current project needs funding any amount will help
  • You can set a new price category (e.g best female development algorithm)
  • We want to increase the price money for this current competition to attract the best
  • Sponsor our next Hackathon scheduled for the end of the year (2021)

Engage us to get Involved:

Send an email to: for more details