About Us

What we do

Giving a large number of highly skilled mathematicians and physicist in Cameroon at the moment leveraging this enormous skill set and talent to create an AI HUB. Which will serve as an opportunity to:

  • Teach young Cameroonians AI skills
  • Develop a new algorithm to support biotech and drug development endeavours
  • Drive the future of science from an African perspective
  • Develop new pathways of disease progression, prognostics and diagnostics
  • Introduction diversity into scientific research and drug development

Our plan

  • Take the pulse of the AI community in Cameroon is there any?
  • Create this community
  • Build a solid cross-functional team
  • Leverage our team to develop world-class algorithms, AI solutions and also provide manpower to support AI projects from established companies
  • Publish publish publish…to develop recognition
  • Utilize the health and research community in Cameroon to establish proof of concept projects

Our Areas of Interest


Application of Data in Ophthalmology


Application of Data in Nephrology

Cardiology/Endocrinology (diabeties)

Application of Data in Cardiology/Endocrinology (diabeties)


Application of Data in Pathology

We're also interested in Disease Prevalent in Africa. That is application of Data in disease detection or control